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Reminder: No Wipe on Oct. 20th
Posted by SBEAnnouncer on 10-18-17 8:51:46 PM

This was briefly touched upon in a previous announcement, but since we are drawing close, we wanted to remind folks that there will be no wipe on October 20th.

As of the management change last week, the new team has decided it is better to focus all development effort on resolving the issues that plagued out October 6th launch before wiping again. The actual wipe date will be announced once we are confident in a new time table.

We apologize to those of you who had planned to participate in the October 20th wipe.

Thank you for your patience.

SBE Team
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Project Reorg
Posted by SBEAnnouncer on 10-10-17 7:22:12 PM
Hello all,

Today, I want to inform you about a major change in the management of the project and the team. This is being brought about due to the remaining interested parties finding a workable, and exciting solution for the project that will allow the project to continue existing, working towards its vision - and most importantly working on the core issues in a more rigorous way.

We want to breathe new life into the project by getting a fresh set of eyes, a new perspective and strengthened ambition. This also allows individuals on the project that have been bogged down by stress or too much workload spread outside of their role to become empowered and work on the things that they do best.

Ultimately, this means greater quality for the product.

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Important Announcement Regarding Launch
Posted by SBEAnnouncer on 10-08-17 8:38:22 PM
Hey everyone,

We have an important announcement to make today regarding the launch this weekend.

Annoying bugs!

As many of you were painfully aware, there were some very serious problems with a few things! Thanks in no small part to your very diligent bug reports, have identified the cause of these issues and already have working fixes on our test environment.

The huge presence of players was instrumental to finding and fixing these bugs, and it showed us that stability was very good and the multiboxing system performed well (but still has a kink or two to be ironed out).

Moving forward
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