Server Launch - January 5th
Posted by SBEAnnouncer on 01-05-18 7:22:12 PM

We are ready to launch our new Shadowbane Emulator server! It will go live Friday, January 5th at 9:00 pm EST.

We've done extensive testing and are confident that server performance and stability are in the best place they've been since the project launched. Several improvements have also been made to the new launcher, which now prevents people from multiboxing!

Based on early registrations we're also on track to break all records for server-up population. To get ready for Friday, we encourage you to:

1. Join discord and reconnect with both friends and foes:

2. Follow the instructions found here to register your account and download the launcher. If you have questions or need help with this process, we can help through the above discord link.

We look forward to seeing you soon.


-The Shadowbane Emulator Staff

11/17 Multi-Boxing Banwave
Posted by SBEAnnouncer on 01-17-18 3:18:10 PM

Over the past week we have been monitoring a small number of players who have been bypassing the single-boxing restrictions and actively playing multiple characters at once. Today we have banned several accounts associated with this behavior and will continue doing so in real time as we see this going forward.

If you feel as though you were banned in error please PM Doon in discord.

If you suspect a player is cheating, please PM Doon in discord.

If you owned a city or city assets and were banned for cheating we will not replace these assets.

Players who lost their accounts are able to create new accounts if they wish to play fairly.

Discord link:

See (most of) you ingame!
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Shadowbane 2.1 Launch Report
Posted by SBEAnnouncer on 01-06-18 10:50:46 AM

Last night the new Shadowbane Emulator team launched our first sever. We’re happy to report that the focus we had on stability and performance paid off and we had virtually no reports of lag or rubberbanding! The server barely felt the load last night as you can see in the two screen shots below.



We also set some records for population, with over 700 unique accounts having registered with the launcher so far (compared to 400 last launch) and a peak population of almost 500 ingame at once. Below is a heat map of where those players hailed from.
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Project Reorg
Posted by SBEAnnouncer on 10-10-17 8:22:12 PM
Hello all,

Today, I want to inform you about a major change in the management of the project and the team. This is being brought about due to the remaining interested parties finding a workable, and exciting solution for the project that will allow the project to continue existing, working towards its vision - and most importantly working on the core issues in a more rigorous way.

We want to breathe new life into the project by getting a fresh set of eyes, a new perspective and strengthened ambition. This also allows individuals on the project that have been bogged down by stress or too much workload spread outside of their role to become empowered and work on the things that they do best.

Ultimately, this means greater quality for the product.

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