Complete open-world pvp robust skill-based combat fully customizable player cities lead a siege on your rival's city
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SBE Client and Launcher Download
Posted by SBEAnnouncer on 09-27-17 5:59:08 PM
Hello all!

The preview is only hours away! Take this time to set up your client and launcher!

[color=#00BF00]SBE Client and Launcher Bundle (876 MB)[/color]

Installation Instructions:
  • [*]Download the file linked above.

  • [*]Extract the files.

  • [*]Create a shortcut to sbe_launcher.exe in a convenient spot and use that to launch Shadowbane.
  • ..
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    SBE 2.0: Shroud of Ardan
    Posted by SBEAnnouncer on 08-27-17 11:59:07 PM

    We had a bit of a lull there for a while, (for which we apologize) but we are back and better than ever! We have used the time to make some very exciting enhancements to your Shadowbane experience.

    In celebration of our return and upgrades, we will be wiping the server and restarting on the Vorringia map. The 2.0 patch (detailed below) has been named Shroud of Ardan.

    Stay tuned to this announcements forum -- we will be announcing the wipe date in the next few days!

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