Windlords change and Minotaurs

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Windlords change and Minotaurs

Mon Oct 09, 2017 7:28 am

I actually forgot to ask if this was intended or if there are future plans to handle the fact everyone took a speed nerf except Minotaurs?

While, yes, windlords are magical effect of an equipped item, it was basically a requirement regardless to keep up with your enemies. Minotaurs did not get this option even on live, which seemed odd as Centaurs could even equip windlords after having them removed for quite some time.

But rather than simply reduce minotaur's speed, I suggest that possible equipment like the centaur's greaves be added specifically for minotaurs in all armor types to allow them to also get the option of using movement speed modifiers in that slot.

And while I doubt it will happen, also add an option for a head-slot item... be it some war tricket or whatever but allow it to roll cloth-hood stats. That being said I have yet to understand why Aracoix cannot wear hoods freely when clearly they have hoods that can be worn (LA/Healer), as with Nephs which could easily have the same addressed situation above for minotaurs.

Granted, this is mostly about mino speed,the head slot addition can come later.

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