Tough Hide and Juggernaut

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Tough Hide and Juggernaut

Tue Oct 10, 2017 4:11 pm

As standard resist options have been doubled say for elements in general, I am not proposing the idea of doubling the effect exactly. Simply either a cost reduction to apply or a minor increase to promote it's use.

Currently with the recent changes to HP suffix rolls the resist options there are not as efficient. Just as Tough as Nails is vastly superior in cost effectiveness for EHP. (10 points for 200 HP is damn good but does require 50 con at creation)

So what I'd suggest is the following
Tough Hide : cost reduced to 6 rather than 12

That being said Juggernaut is actually quite efficient in terms of cost, however, the speed reduction is extremely large considering that windlords took quite a nerf. So my recommendation there would be to have it be 2/3 of the maximum rolled rank of windlords while maybe consider lowering it's cost to 4 to make it a more appealing choice.

I doubt this will get changed, just as I doubt FoF will be easier to access (lower Dex requirement) for all race/class combinations. But just throwing it out there.

But I admit it's sad I can get 400 HP via suffix over a possible 20% to a single resist type for physical so the choice is very obvious. Since it isn't like this is restricted to healer/mage/rogue which actually could use the HP rather than meat which can push 4k-8k without much effort.

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