Storm Giant Stronghold 66763 x 83239

Vorringa equivalent :: Jotensgaard / Ymur's Crown
Brakkenvaal :: lvl 30-50
Ice Drake
Ice Drake
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Storm Giant Stronghold 66763 x 83239

Tue Dec 04, 2012 3:46 pm

Forum Date: 12-04-12

Server: 5181

World Coordinates: 66763 x 83239

Character: Any

Bug Summary:
Remove 1x Giant Worg R3
Remove 1x Storm Giant Thunderer R3

Steps To Reproduce:

Additional Information:
x6 Giant Worg R3
x5 Storm Giant R4
x5 Storm Giant Thunderer R3
x3 Storm Giant Sentinel R3
x1 Harthir Storm King R4
x1 Young Storm Giant R3
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