Taod Stool Ring 112,270

Newb Island :: lvl 10-20
Snowy Harpy
Snowy Harpy
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Taod Stool Ring 112,270

Wed Oct 03, 2012 4:31 pm

Taod Stoll Ring 112,270

Gas Pods are chasing ... they should not be able to move
Ferko The Mighty is not moving but rotating on himself

Server Version : 5159

Character : Centaur Healer Sader

Update : Now Ferko the Mighty is not there ...
SBE Team
SBE Team
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Re: Taod Stool Ring 112,270

Wed Oct 03, 2012 10:18 pm

I do not believe permanany rooted mobs are implemented yet. I would assume this will come with other mob flavors in 0.3.0 such as mob spell casting and a finalized aggro formula.

Can anyone confirm?
SBE Team
SBE Team
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Re: Taod Stool Ring 112,270

Thu Oct 04, 2012 2:10 pm

After reset, Ferko is now there again.

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