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Forums Changes Announcement

Mon Feb 20, 2012 7:18 pm

Forums Changes Announcement

Hi all,

Besides the gigantic strides in development, we've also been hard at work discussing ways to enhance your SBEmu Forums experience and have come up with some very interesting and exciting changes!

The first change is a new (albeit familiar) SBEmu Forums Code of Conduct. Make sure you read it and understand it, since your actions on the forums from this day forward will need to comply with the new FCoC. While the Community Representatives Team does not take any pleasure in having to enforce it, we hope you understand its purpose in keeping our forums clean of too much craziness, especially the Public Forums, which is what the outside world sees and reads before giving SB a(nother) try. The reality of it is, it is a necessity to get more people involved in our Community, and you play the biggest part in that.

The new FCoC has already been integrated with our Warnings System, which will ensure the Community Representatives (AKA The Moderators) only enforce rules that are within the scope of the FCoC, and gives you a direct reference to help you understand why you are getting messaged (in the case that we find a fault with your posting habits, which we are sure will be very unlikely). Understandably, you will sometimes disagree with our decisions, which brings me to the next change to the SBEmu Forums: A new section called the Administration Review Requests.

The Administration Review Requests section is a place for you to post any issues you may have with the Community Representatives Team. Make sure you read the Tips for Making an Administrative Request post, which explains in very short details what these forums are for. One of the key features of this forum is that your post remains private from the rest of the Community, while being completely transparent to the entire SBEmu Staff. Most interactions will be dealt with by the Community Representatives and by the Lead Moderator (me!), but when needed any of the SBEmu Staff members may give some input. It has never been productive to make these types of issues completely public, since community feedback is oftentimes drowned out by negativity, but it is our intent to make sure you know that your comments, feedback and/or complaints are being taken into account by the SBEmu Staff. Another unique feature of this new forum is that if you are suspended, you can post in it if you feel that we need to review your case.

The last, and quite possibly the most interesting addition to the forums is the creation of the K'han Cantina forums. We know that all Forumbaners will rejoice! This is a special place in the forums where moderation will be more relaxed, allowing you to express the equivalent of a forum PK. This is not a free-for-all though, so keep in mind that there are things that are forbidden in the forums no matter what (mostly due to legal reasons). Make sure you read the FCoC carefully to see what applies to the Public Forums and what applies globally. (Hint: if a rule only states that it applies to the Public Forums, then it is probably fair game in the Cantina.) With that said, this forum is a courtesy, and you enter it at your own risk. All you have to do is join the K'han Cantina Group and the forums will become available to you. To join the group go to your User Control Panel. Click on Usergroups. Scroll down to the K'han Cantina Group and select it. Click Submit.

Our primary job as part of the SBEmu Community Representatives Team is to help build this Community so that we can have a good population when the game launches. We have no desire to ban anyone from the forums or keep our players away. But we also have to balance the forums so that the relevant information for all of the players is easily accessible. Help us build the community now, and prepare the new players by allowing them access to information that has taken us years to compile and adapt, so that when SBEmu goes live we can all enjoy the game that has ruined most of us for this long. We hope to continue counting with your support and cooperation. Thanks for choosing to be part of this Community!

Feel free to give your feedback or ask any questions in the discussion thread.

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