Locked down server

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Locked down server

Wed May 03, 2017 5:57 am

I can totally understand a guild (group of people) wanting to prove that they have the ability to smash everything in sight. Take over ever tree on the server. My confusion comes from, what now? Now that one nation owns the server, what are you going to do now? Fight each other? Have not seen that at all. As a matter of a fact all I see are about 15 to 20 errant people leveling, killing each other, and wondering what to do now. Cant bane a city as an errant guild, cant get the owner nation to sell a tree, and cant get a dev to respond about the situation.I have been playing on here about a month now, played before the shutdown and reboot to the current version, and I have seen probably bout 4 people who are actually in the owner nation, not open tree re-pledges, so they are not on fighting each other?
The only thing for them to do is to farm and roll gear they will never use.
Before you suggest Magicbane, 2 things: 1) I do not like lore servers, 2) The same nation is there doing the same thing. Now I know there is WM but once all the peripheral trees are gone there will be hell of a fight between these two nations.
All said once you take over a server and kill the population, then leave for other games/servers, how about delete your trees, or be douche bags and keep a server from having any kind of renaissance, even if small.

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