Aeldreth Disconnects

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Snowy Mino
Snowy Mino
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Aeldreth Disconnects

Sat Jun 28, 2014 5:28 pm

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80% of the time when I teleport to Aeldreth i just automatically get disconnected and when I try to log back in it just boots me again. If I do get in nothing is there and 5 seconds later I am booted again. Only way to stop it is to stay logged out for 15 mins till you return to default town.

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Ice Drake
Ice Drake
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Re: Aeldreth Disconnects

Sat Jun 28, 2014 6:12 pm

Teleport to Aeldreth
Screen goes black
Lost Connection to Game Server
Attempting to Log In
Character Select Screen

Rinse and repeat until that char is reset back to it's bind point :|

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Snowy Harpy
Snowy Harpy
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Re: Aeldreth Disconnects

Sat Jun 28, 2014 8:18 pm

Not limited to Aeldreth.

One of the Crazed Kitty cities (Eurotrash) is sporadically doing this as well with any character that is bound there/ teleporting there. Waiting 15 minutes does not help since.. well that's where they are bound :D

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