40 train points lost after refining

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40 train points lost after refining

Tue Jan 13, 2015 12:39 pm

I just lost 40 train points when refining my druid. I untrained grasp of thorns but accidentally dropped it below 29, required for hedge of horns. So went back to the druid trainer and those points seemed to be there, however when I retrained GoT to 29 and began retraining HoT, I suddenly could not not advance beyond 11, even if I saw 51 points still available (should be only 40 but it was obviously not counting the 11 trains spent in HoT yet). I thought it was a minor glitch so I relogged and then those 51 or 40 points were missing: I had zero training points when I should have 40.

It seems that the refining process is glitched when you accidentally lose a skill because you untrained too much the skill that allows it. This, if I remember correctly from live, should not happen at all: the refiner would not allow you to untrain a skill on which others depend, but in SBemu the refiner is not that good and allows base skills to be untrained unlimited (except under basic level).

I believe that some other toon of mine suffered the same bug but at the time I was not sure.

This is a major bug IMO, one that could be solved if simply refiners would not allow you untrain skills that are basic to others you already have, without first untraining the latter.

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