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Closed Beta :: The Next Phase

Sat Jul 07, 2012 12:30 pm

Closed Beta Expansion

Hey there ladies and gentlemen! We're excited to announce that we will be expanding our closed beta in a few different ways in preparation for a closed beta wipe. This is in order to prepare for new content a little walk down the road which will require rigorous mass testing! We have some cool events in store for our closed beta testers and we hope to use the extra hands to better track down and smoosh some tricksy bugs. There'll be a few ways you can get yourself involved in our closed beta, the first of which will be a round of invites sent from our current active CB participants - each participant has received an invite to use and some of you have probably already heard news of this. Don't feel bad if you aren't contacted over the next week about that - instead why not try to get in another way?
Aly's Invites
Alyriel, our awesome new Test Team Lead wants to invite 28 of you into closed beta - so, how can you win her over (along with her invite)? That's easy - simply send her a private message briefly describing why you think you should get into closed beta. If you're successful in persuading her of your ability and dedication (and 7 of you will be), you will receive an invite for yourself and for two friends. Easy as that! Please also include the names of two friends you would like invited in your private message.
(Not so) Artsy Contest
Well, for those of you that aren't so great at talking to lovely ladies - there's also an artsy competition. To enter for this, just reply to this thread with either a funny MS Paint picture of anything Shadowbane related or if you're truly the artsy type, a more serious and skilled drawing using any program (or real life paper) will work too! Five of the coolest pictures will be selected and the winners will receive a closed beta invite for themselves and one for a friend!

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