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Long have the peoples of Aerynth have looked to the Gods for guidance, but their prayers have gone unheeded. At last some of the Lost Gods stir again, and new demi-gods offer their favor to the scattered nations of the Age of Strife. Which would-be God will they follow? New altars arise in the cities, and quests have begun for the precious treasures the Gods demand as offerings. The peoples of Aerynth look to Gods new and old how will the rise of the Upstart Gods reshape the shattered fragments of Aerynth?

What is this shrine?
"Listen well to what I say, seeker: the Gods, so long absent from this Age of Strife, are returning. Shrines like this one, devoted to the Gods of elder Ages, new Gods, or other Powers are appearing in cities across the face of Aerynth. I serve as Votary of this shrine, its keeper, protector, and mediator. This shrine is linked to a great Power beyond the world, serving as a conduit of Divine Favor and blessings. Through me, you can receive that favor, and feel the touch of cosmic power!

Such blessings do not come without a price. Seek out offerings pleasing to the Power this shrine exalts, and bring them here to be sacrificed. The shrines that receive the most sacrifices will earn the notice and goodwill of their Power, and the Votaries of those shrines will then grant Boons to the faithful.

Only a few shrines may be placed in any given city, up to a maximum of three. Each shrine favors one race or profession, and can only grant boons to that favored race or profession. Of all the shrines of a given race or class on the game server, only the shrines that have received the most offerings will grant powerful boons.

To sacrifice an offering, double-click the offering object then select the shrine.

How does Divine Favor affect me?
"I, the Votary of this shrine, am empowered to grant Boons of Divine Favor to those favored by the shrine's exalted Power, if there have been sufficient offerings. Any may sacrifice an offering to the shrine, but only those favored by its Power may receive a boon. Only those bound to the Tree of Life that safeguards this shrine may partake of Boons from me, its Votary. If you are favored, ask me for a boon and it shall be granted! The touch of Divine Favor shall grant a blessing that shall last for some time.

Know this: the Powers are testing their faithful, and only the strongest shall know their goodwill. The Powers favor Guilds that are masters of their own destiny, and prefer fresh offerings! The faithful must strive to win the favor of their chosen Powers: only those shrines that have rendered the most offerings to their Power will grant true Boons.

Know also that the Powers do not look kindly on those who abuse their favor: each Boon granted will reduce the shrine's favor, and the faithful must continually sacrifice new offerings to their shrines, lest their Power lose interest in their works.

Each offering sacrificed to a shrine has a favor rating. When sacrificed, the favor rating of the offering is added to the total favor rating of the shrine. A shrine's favor rating decreases over time, and each time its Votary grants a Boon.

Each shrine has a specific Boon effect that its Votary can bestow only upon members of its favored race or profession who belong to the Guild that owns the city the shrine is placed in. 

The effectiveness of a shrine's Boons depends on several factors, including:
Guild Status - only Sovereign Guilds receive the full Boon bonus. Sub-guilds or sworn guilds have their Boons reduced in power.
Shrine Favor - only the shrine on the server with the highest favor rating grants the Boon at full effectiveness. The shrine with the second-highest favor rating grants the Boon at less strength, and all other shrines grant only tiny proportions of the full Boon bonus, if any. Remember that both the granting of Boons and the passage of time can reduce a shrine's favor rating, possibly limiting the effects of its Boons.

Where can I find favor offerings?
"There are many things pleasing to each God or Power - seek their legendary enemies, or else look for lost, precious things revered by their faith. Some offerings will be favorable to many shrines, others to only one. Every shrine will accept many different types of offerings, scattered in different regions. Seek offerings through quest, but beware, once on offering has been found, it may easily be stolen by the unscrupulous

There is another way to seek the favor of the Gods. When an offering is sacrificed to a shrine, it is miraculously transformed into an lan stone, a sacred object of immense power. Any shrine will accept these stones as offerings. A shrine's cache of lan stones may be plundered, but only if that shrine is destroyed. To destroy a shrine, weaken the Tree of life that sustains that shrine through siege. Thus Faith must be wed to Might in the wars of the Upstart Gods.

Favor offerings are available as loot items in specific zones. Mouseover an offering for a list of the shrines that will accept that offering, as well as the amount of favor the offering will earn for each shrine.  You can find a list of those found so far here .

A shrine's accumulated favor can be looted, in the form of lan stones, if the shrine is destroyed. To destroy a shrine, de-rank the Tree of Life for that shrine's city. 

Who can receive boons?
"Know this: each shrine is devoted to a Power, and I may only bestow boons upon those favored by that Power, be they scions of one race or walkers of one path.

Know also that the Tree of Life in this City serves as the conduit from the Higher Realms to this world. Only those whose souls are bound to the Tree that nourishes this shrine may receive Divine Favor from it.

Each shrine is devoted to a specific race or profession, and can only grant Boons to that kind of character. Only members of the Guild that owns the shrine can receive Boons.