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Sieging is one of the core features of the Shadowbane experience.  To improve on this experience, various changes and additions will be made to the system.  One of the largest changes is the addition of "Siege Spires" which will alter the rules of the battlefield and will make sieges a more varied experience for the players, and mix up the strategy required to take down an opponent's city.

Siege Spires are powerful buildings that a guildmaster can place in his city, which cast enchantments that effect the entire city zone. These spires affect everyone in the city zone, and as such guildmasters will have to pick and choose the effects which benefits his guild members more than the enemies. The most common siege spires will be those which limit teleportation and flight into and out of a city grid, but other enchantments will be made available.

Siege Spires

Name Effect Builder 
Befuddling Spire Debuff ATK -25% to -50% R5
Wrathful Spire Debuff DEF -25% to -50% R5
Enfeebling Spire Debuff STR -30% to -60% R5
Confounding Spire  Debuff DEX -30% to -60% R5
Distracting Spire Debuff INT -30% to -60% R5
Guileful Spire Decrease Passive DEF -30% to -100%  R6
Chilling Spire Debuff Cold Resist -30 to -75 R6
Searing Spire Debuff Fire Resist -30 to -75 R6
Thundering Spire Debuff Lightning Resist -30 to -75 R6
Unholy Spire Debuff Holy Resist -30 to -75 R6
Spiteful Spire Debuff Attack Speed -25% to -75% R6
Watchful Spire No Hide nor Sneak R7
Grounding Spire No Fly R7
Binding Spire No Teleport R7
Warding Spire No Summon R7
Baleful Spire Debuff Power Damage -25% to -50% R7
Arcane Spire Debuff Melee Damage -25% to -50% R7

Purchasing Siege Spires
Siege spires can be purchased off of Builders that are Rank 5 and above.Higher-ranked builders will sell more potent siege spires.

Building a Siege Spire
Siege spires can only be built by a guildmaster, and only on a guildmaster's own city grid. Siege spires take a long time to build, and as such, building one during a siege will likely be unfeasible. You may not place 2 of the same siege spire. The number of spires a city can have is limited based upon rank of the Tree of Life:

  • Rank 1-3 cities may have 1 siege spire 
  • Rank 4-5 cities may have 2 siege spires 
  • Rank 6-7 cities may have 3 siege spires 

Advancing a Siege Spire
Siege spires can be advanced in rank like other buildings. This will primarily result in the siege spires having more hit points. However, some siege spires will also have the power of their enchantment increase as well.

Activating a Siege Spire
Siege spires may be turned on and off at any time by the guildmaster of the guild. However, once you've toggled the status of the siege spire, it may not be toggled again for 10 minutes.

Siege Spire Costs
Siege spires will continually drain money while they are on - this amount will be negligible when a bane is on the city, but substantial when a bane is not on the city. This is to prevent players from having siege spires turned on in their cities all of the time. If a siege spire does not have enough money in it to pay for maintenance, it will shut itself off.

Entering a Siege Spire Zone of Influence
Whenever a player enters a city zone with a siege spire in it (which is slightly larger than the city grid itself), the enchantment that the siege spire disperses is put on the enchanted. Note: the siege spire effect is applied to both friendly and enemy units, so guildmasters should choose the spires they place carefully. Each siege spire can apply one and only one effect - if you change your mind and want a different effect than the one you already have, you need to build a new spire.

Siege Spire Enchantments
The exact list of siege spire enchantments is currently being refined. We are currently targeting at least 12 for the initial launch of the feature. Examples include:

  • No-Flight (yes, this will affect natural flight) 
  • No-Translocate/Passwall 
  • No-Summon 
  • Specific Resist Debuff (Such as 'fire debuff' - perfect for those wacky temple guilds!) 

We are currently open to additional siege spire effect suggestions. As a general rule, if something can be done with an enchantment spell, it can probably be done with a siege spire.

Destroying a Siege Spire
Siege spires can be protected by a runemaster (taking one of the valuable slots), but can be destroyed like other buildings when the bane goes active. Siege spires will be somewhat frailer than other buildings - some army generals will undoubtedly choose to take the Siege Spires out first when laying siege to a city.