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One of the biggest publicly requested additions to the Shadowbane Chat System is, by far, the ability to use filters.  The chat and channel system was recently redesigned to give the end user more power over what information and chat they want and need to see.All the base channels still exists and operate as they did before but they send more information so the user can filter out the information he does not want to see.

Before we get to the good stuff... aka the Meat and Potatoes... we're going to go over some of the more technical information.  The new filtering capability is accessed through the channel Configuration Window (brought up by the Window Configuration Menu -> Channels).This Window allows the user to subscribe and un-subscribe to the channel and add, remove, and move the priority of the filters.When a user first subscribes to a channel, there are no filters applied and all messages that correspond to that channel are allowed through.

When the user adds a filter, a specific filter Window will appear depending on the channel and what can be filtered.For example combat can now be filtered by hits, misses, defense, information, or errors while the tell channel can be filtered by who is sending or receiving the tell, information or errors. 

Subscribing to a Channel
To subscribe to a channel the user will bring up the context menu for the Channel Window that he wishes to see the channel in, then clicks on the channels menu option.Then channels list Window will be displayed where the left hand side is the list of channels and a checkmark beside each one that the user is currently subscribed to. To subscribe or unsubscribe to the channel click its checkbox which will toggle the checkmark.

Adding/Editing/Removing a Filter
Once the user is subscribed to a channel, he can add a filter to make the messages more readable and reduce the amount of clutter in the channel Window.To add a filter, click on the subscribed channel and then click the add button under the filter list.This will bring up one of the specific filter Windows and allow the user to specify what he wants to filter.The changes will not be permanent until he clicks OK on both the filter Window and the channel Window. 

Editing a filter is just as simple. Select the channel, then select the filter to edit and click edit under the filter list. To change the color of the text that the filter allows click on the color square and set the color. Again the changes will not be permanent until the user clicks OK on both the filter Window and the channel Window. 

To remove a filter from a channel, Select the channel, then select the filter to remove and click remove under the filter list.

Defining a Channel Filter
Once you create a channel you will have several options to define what you want displayed from the channel. Options vary among the different channels.All channel filters need a name, in order for the user to identify the filter in the list.

Somechannels have a way to add characters to filter on.On these channels, to add a character, select the specific character filter option.Then click add and type the characters name (or shortened id with an 'X' in front).The name will appear in all caps in the list.When the filter looks in the list for the character it will search the name in a case insensitive way.If you want to ignore the characters in the list check the Not In List option above the list.

Other options are switched by changing the checkbox or radio button.

The Meat and Potatoes
Now that you have all the technical stuff out of the way, here is the real information you want... how to actually do this and what to use it for.  If you're like me, you get a ton of different information while playing... tells, group information and chat, city and leader chats, fighting, etc, etc.  It is so much easier if you can filter out certain things or even specify where it is shown.  Before we get into that, we'll go over the basics.

First thing to do is open up the Configuration Menu on the chat Window you wish to update and go to Channels.  This hasn't changed from the way things were done before.  The difference is when you actually use this option you will see a split window ... one showing the Channels you can subscribe to and the other where you can Add, Edit, and Remove Filters.  You will notice that the Filter options are currently closed to you, denoted by the red shading.  When you subscribe to a Channel by putting a checkmark in the button next to it, and then highlight the Channel, you will notice that you can now use the Filter options.

Another thing you will notice is a small colored box next to any Chat Channels you have subscribed to.  When you click this box, it will bring up a small Channel Colors Configuration Window so you can adjust the color of that Channel to what you want.  As you will notice, I changed my Nation Channel (yep, it's in!) from Lime Green to Yellow .

Group Filters
There is not too much to filter out in Group Chat.  As you can see in the next screenshot , I divided my Group Chat into two windows... the Top one containing only Group Communication and the bottom one has Group Information (such as Gold Splits and who grabbed what items).  That way you don't miss what group members are saying and can still see where all the loot went!

Combat Filters
One of the most important filters is the ability to show what Combat information you wish and do not wish to see.  On top of that, you can even separate it to see different information in different Chat Windows.  First things first, I will put all of my Combat Information in one window so I can see what "I" am doing.  The first one I add is a filter that just shows You (or rather my) Hits and title it appropriately .  I then add Filters that will also show all my other Combat Information such as Misses, Passive Defense, Information, and any Errors all in the same window.

In the Chat Window next to it, I add Chat Filters for Hits by Group Members and Hits by Others.  I even set it up so all group member hits would show up with yellow text while hits from others would show up in white text.  That way I can see if someone else has entered the picture who isn't in my group.  I also add in the Powers Channel for good measure. As you can see , all of my combat information shows up in the bottom left Chat Window while my Group Member's Hits show up in the bottom right one. You can also see how easy it is to notice combat information from non-group members.

Tell Filters
Some people get a ton of tells, especially if you're a Class that can summon individuals.  With all of these tells, it is easy sometimes to miss the important ones.  Normally I set it up so all my Tells go to the Top Right Chat Window but there are some people I want to make sure I don't miss their Tells.  Luckily, I can now filter tells to show in a different Chat Window for select individuals, such as I did for Theodric .  There is a trick, though, but it is easy to fix .  Using the "Not In List" option on the Tell Filter, all Tell correspondence from Theodric will show up in the one Chat Window while all other Tells will show up in another .  You can set this up for as many people as you want.

End of the Story... ?
Is this the end of the story?  No.  As you will have noticed, there are new Chat Channels such as Nation, Command, Powers and even a new Event Splash Window, as you can see here .  There is much more to the new Chat Filters but the above should give you a good understanding of the capabilities of the system and how to use it.