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Scorp40left.png The Book of Staves, Chapter 1: 12-18 Scorp40right.png

" [12] And all the Universe was filled thereby, though as yet all matter was as mist, infirm and dissolute. [13] And the All-Father looked upon the cloudy void, and was glad, for His design proceeded according to his will. [14] And the All-Father moved into the Void that was not void, and as he passed the mist did billow, and form itself into the Archons, mighty beings born of the All-Father's thought and will. [15] And the Archons sang their praises to the All-Father, and at their song the walls of the Void shuddered, and the great Forces of Law, Chaos, and Light were made manifest. [16] Here Law spun the mists of matter into hard shapes of stone and crystal, while there the mists flared into firey chaos, or moved and surged like water. [17] But over all shone Light, bright and pure. [18] And the All-Father laughed with great gladness, for still His design moved unimpeded."

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