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Scorp40left.png The Book of Swords, Chapter 12: 14-23 Scorp40right.png

[14] til the heavens themselves did burn with a flame of the darkest black, [15] and the thunderous sky did weep with tears of blood. [16] With the cracking of earth did the All-Father Turn, [17] and the Light of his Eyes did dim near to Shadow. [18] The Earth took shallow breaths, as the All-Father left our World, and the Sky itself let forth a great cry [19] as that of a child losing his father, or [20] that of a Land on the loss of her King. [21] And with Him left his Elder Children, and [22] for the first time, Man was left without Gods. [23] The World itself was Shattered, splintered and torn asunder, and [24] the cities became unto planes and the planes scattered through the Heavens like spilled and forgotten grain.

[25] Thus ended the Age of Kings, and began the Age of Strife that is our own.

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