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Scorp40left.png Aerynthian Historical Documents Scorp40right.png

It has been five full generations since the Age of Kings. When the All-Father turned his back from the World, the Realm was cast into Darkness. The sun became but a wives tale, as the World was blanketed with furious storms. Even the clouds let forth endlessly, drowning the land with a sickening rain of blood. Disease and starvation struck hard, turning most cities into little more than festering wounds.

Then came the endless War.

Brutal Warlords rose up, turning brigand mobs into formidable armies. The Church struggled valiantly, a final attempt to calm the hearts of the few innocents who remain.

Most knowledge was lost, as a new Dark Age descended on mankind. Statues of wondrous might lie forgotten, half-buried in the sand, the Great Library of Aerynth burned, her once great Towers fallen.

The End is Near... and in this Final Hour, a single hope remains.

They call it Shadowbane, a light to stand against the Darkness.

You can use the following historical references to help gain knowledge of Aerynth's past.  These articles have been divided into the five Great Ages that Scholars have traditionally used.


The Age Before

The Age of Twilight

The Age of Days

The Age of Kings

The Age of Strife