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Scorp40left.png The Myth of Creation Scorp40right.png

In the Before Time, before the sun was made, the World was upside down, with sky below and ground above. The People lived as animals, naked, without speech, and ate raw flesh or the grasses of the Plains. The animals back then were the masters, and built Yurts, made tools, and had speech. They hunted Men for food, or for sport, and kept people for pets or in pens. But First Man knew better. From the great Lioness he learned the secret of Fire, and he rose up in battle against Snake, Boar, Wolf, and Bear, the Kings of the Animals. So great was their battle that the Earth fell, and the ground was laid down under the sky, as it is now. So the world was made.

-An ancient creation myth of the Horawthi Nomads of the Endless Plains

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