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Scorp40left.png The Archons Scorp40right.png

According to the Book of Staves, the Archons are "mighty beings" born of the All-Father’s thought and will.

  • Dangiriel - The Archon of War and the general of Heaven.

  • Hedrusiel - The Archon of strength, who shut the Gates of Chaos at the end of the War of the Scourge, even though all the Demons of Hell pushed back against him.

  • Loromir – The Archon of Peace who was slain by Sillestor, the Last ElfKing of the first Dynasty of the Deathless Empire.

  • Nandramiel - The Archon of Judgment, also known, as the Herald of Pandarrion.

  • Teluranel – The Archon of Grace who assisted Caeric Blackhammer during his quest for Shadowbane and transformed him into the first Paladin.

  • Uvoriel - The Archon of Fire.

  • Volmiriel - Was once the Archon of Valor but several Chaos Lords killed him during the War of the Scourge.

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