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Scorp40left.png The Beast Lords Scorp40right.png

Little is known about these vastly powerful primal entities, beings that are whispered to rival or even surpass the True Gods in strength and power. The embodiments of forces of nature (strength, wisdom, cunning, fertility), these entities take the form of great animals when they manifest on Aerynth, but many magi and Priests believe that these are only masks, simple forms that mortal minds can comprehend. Aloof and distant, the beast lords rarely attempt to influence the flow of events on Aerynth, unlike the other Gods. Incredibly wise and ancient, the beast lords are keepers of ancient knowledge and arcane secrets. Some have devoted themselves to worship of the Animal Gods, hoping to gain power in return for their service. The Elves in particular worship the Beast Lords extensively, and once abandoned the All-Father to serve these strange beings.

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