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Scorp40left.png The Terrors Scorp40right.png

While Aerynth abounds with strange and terrible creatures of all descriptions, from mighty Drakes to baleful Undead, two monsters are feared above all others, and Scholars have named them the Terrors. Malevolent in the extreme, the Terrors command almost unimaginable destructive power, and rival the True Gods in terms of strength and might. The Terrors have never created any Children to worship them, as the True Gods did, and most of Aerynth’s folk are too busy cursing their names or praying for their demise to ever worship them. Isolated madmen, vile cults, and the entire race of the Irekei are the only exceptions. Many legends state that the Terrors will eventually be responsible for the complete and utter destruction of the World, and prove the bane of all the Gods. More than one Scholar as looked upon the events of the Age of Strife and concluded that these events may have already happened.

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