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Scorp40left.png Aelfric the Vigilant Scorp40right.png

Race: Half-Giant
Class: Fighter
Profession: Templar

Young and charismatic, Aelfric is the son of a prestigious Confessor and was raised in the bosom of the Temple. Raised on the Articles of Faith and the Epistles of Malorn, Aelfrics devotion to the cause is unwavering. Aelfric strives to be a New Champion, adhering as closely as he can to the Code Cambruin devised. When addressing the faithful or seeking converts he can be as calm, polite, and persuasive as any Prelate. When dealing with Elves or the sinful, however, the civil veneer vanishes, revealing a ferocity that can be terrifying. Aelfric freely offers the hand of the Temples friendship but woe be unto those who refuse it, or abuse it!

Behavior Characteristics: Aelfric always strives to act the noble Knight, and consistently quotes the tenets of the Code and the Articles of Faith. He is quick to apologize for the excesses of some of his brethren, and strives to convince non-temple goers that the image they may have of the Temple is biased and skewed. To confirmed faithful, however, his true colors show through. Aelfric despises the Temples traditional enemies, viewing them as monsters bent on the destruction of Humanity.

Specific Reaction Types: Derides Elves at every opportunity, thinks Minotaurs are monsters no better than Orcs, thinks Irekei and Aracoix are demons. Has a deep respect for Dwarves and Centaurs, but is certain that their stubbornness keeps them from seeing Malorns light. Is convinced that Shades and Aelfborn are unfortunates who need care and curing will gladly recruit them and attempt to convert them, all the while explaining to them just how inferior and broken their essential nature is. He is cordial to Holy Church members, but will never EVER accept anything short of youre right Im wrong from them. Alliance is impossible unless they do so.