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Scorp40left.png Heroes of Aerynth Scorp40right.png

There are many heroes roaming the various fragments of Aerynth, some serving the will of their god or gods, others serving their own factions or individual beliefs. Whether considered good, evil, lawful, or chaotic, all have helped shape the face of Aerynth.

Name Race Profession Faction
Aelfric the Vigilant Half-Giant Templar Cleansing Flame
Khalder the Cruel Human Assassin Military Legion
Kodor Minotaur Barbarian Cult of the Scourge
Mandemus the Merciful Human Confessor Cleansing Flame
Rauko'edan Aelfborn Warrior Unknown
Tarrant the Pale Shade Assassin Unholy Legion
Vellogthu Infernal Channeler Cult of the Scourge
Voldrok Doomsayer Aelfborn Priest Cult of the Scourge
Vollana the Tainted Nephilim Doomsayer Cult of the Scourge

Note: This list is still being expanded.