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Scorp40left.png Amazon Temple Scorp40right.png
Races: None
Classes: Fury
Guild Hall: Amazon Temple
Guild Ranks: Amazon Thrall / Amazon
Amazon Slave / Amazon Warrior
Amazon Servant / Amazon Chieftess
Amazon Consort 1 / Amazon Princess 1
Amazon Senechal 2 / Majestrix 2
Amazon Regent 2 / Imperatrix 2
Overview:  Fierce bands of warrior women who venerate their own queens and goddeses.

Narrative:  For centuries, one tribe of humans, elves, and Aelfborn has dwelt apart, keeping their own ways and disdaining the world of kings and fathers. Phaedra, the First Huntress, led her people to the Great Rift of the Far South centuries ago, and her descendents, the Amazons, dwell there to this day. Builders of stone cities, the Amazons have built an advanced culture and are masters of metallurgy and many of the secrets of magic. No man many become an Amazon in the strictest sense, although males are kept as servants and slaves of the Temple. After the horrors of the War of the Scourge the Amazons renounced the All-Father altogether. Phaedra taught her people to worship Vashteera, the Dark Prowler, Mother of Cats, and from her they have learned many arcane arts. Amazons occasionally leave their nation to wander among the tainted world Outside, and since the Turning have begun expanding into new realms. These progressive amazons have also started recruiting women born in the outside world to join their tribes, increasing the strength and wisdom of the Amazon Nation. Amazons will also leave their homeland breed among the "barbarians" Outside, and also increase their numbers by stealing girl-children throughout the South. Amazons are hated and feared by most folk of the Petty Kingdoms, who believe them to be savage barbarians. The Amazons allow these misconceptions to flourish, and deal out a quick death to any male who enters their secluded valley.

1  Denotes that only a Guild Leader that controls a City-State (or higher) can obtain this rank.
2  Denotes that only a Guild Leader who controls a Nation can obtain this rank.