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Scorp40left.png The Church of the All-Father Scorp40right.png
Races: None
Classes: Crusader
Guild Hall: Cathedral
Guild Ranks: Acolyte Catechist
Deacon / Deaconess
Priest / Priestess
High Priest / High Priestess
Bishop 1
Lord Cardinal 2 / Lady Cardinal 2
Patriarch 2 / Matriarch 2
Overview:  An ancient church devoted to unity and brotherhood.

Narrative:  The most widespread religion in the World, the Church of the All-Father (often simply called "the Holy Church") has faithful among men, elves, dwarves, even the Aracoix and the centaurs. All of the Enlightened Races believe that they are either the children or grandchildren of the All-Father, and have praised His name for many ages. The church began as an institution of peace and harmony, and throughout the Ages has sought to unite the All-Father's disparate children, acting to stem the tides of dissent that so frequently swept the world. The War of Tears and the rise of Cambruin the High King brought the Church its greatest crisis. While the Patriarchs were loathe to speak against Cambruin, who acted in the All-Father's name and seemed to bear His divine favor, they also could not bring themselves to endorse the High King's agenda of war and extermination, which would sever the oldest arm of the High Church. The Church of the All-Father remained neutral during the War of Tears, and as a result they were unable to prevent the Great Betrayal and the Turning. Now, the All-Father's voice is silent, and even the most innocent of prayers go unanswered. While the Church has lost the guidance of the All-Father, the faith of its priests can still work miracles, however, as invocations to the saints and Archons still hold power. The Church has continued to do its holy work in the wake of the Turning, trying to keep faith and hope alive in the face of the gathering darkness.

1  Denotes that only a Guild Leader that controls a City-State (or higher) can obtain this rank.
2  Denotes that only a Guild Leader who controls a Nation can obtain this rank.