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Scorp40left.png Noble House Scorp40right.png
Races: Humans
Classes: None
Guild Hall: Keep
Guild Ranks: Serf
Lord / Lady
Baron / Baroness
Count / Countess
Duke 1 / Duchess 1
King 2 / Queen 2
Emperor 2 / Empress 2
Overview:  Human families trying to revive the glory of the Ten Kingdoms.

Narrative:  While the High Kingdom and the Ten Kingdoms that came before it have all been swept away by the winds of war and disaster, there are still some among the Sons of Men who claim greatness based on the blood of ancient kings. Many of the ancient Noble Houses of the Sons of Men died out in the strife that followed the Turning, but some still endure, calling upon ancient loyalties and using ancient fortunes to wage war against their enemies and try to regain Cambruin's throne. Most Noble Houses have an elite family or bloodline at their core, but in recent years coalitions of successful merchants have forced themselves into the ranks of the nobility. Every house recruits a host of retainers, loyal for life, who serve as advisors, masters of arms, scribes, or court wizards. A precarious web of kinship, alliances, feuds, and rivalries exist between the Noble Houses, and conflict can erupt among them without any warning.

1  Denotes that only a Guild Leader that controls a City-State (or higher) can obtain this rank.
2  Denotes that only a Guild Leader who controls a Nation can obtain this rank.