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Scorp40left.png Guild Halls Scorp40right.png

Though they may look quite different from Guild to Guild, all Guild Halls serve the same two essential purposes. First, Guild Halls provide a place for Guild members to meet, exchange information, and leave messages. Secondly, they serve as centers of learning, with skilled Trainers who can impart new techniques and secrets to Guild Members and help them hone their skills. Guild Halls are among the largest buildings in any City: Their size and grandeur standing as constant reminders of the power and glory of the Guilds that built them. Unlike other buildings, upgrading a Guild Hall will not change its appearance. Each upgrade, however, will increase the number of Tradesmen the Hall can support.

The following Guild Halls are well-known throughout the Realm:

Amazon Temple
Dwarf Hold
Elvish Palace
Forest Sanctuary
Great Hall
Irekei Temple
Temple of the Flame
Thieves' Den
Wizard's Tower