Shadowbane Emulator Update - Development and Design
Posted by SBEAnnouncer on 08-10-18 11:05:26 AM

Shadowbane Emulator Update - Development and Design

The vision for the project continues to be the same as stated November. Stability, Bug Fixes & Scalability. As we are getting closer to that goal, we are ready to start opening up conversations to content and other more exciting things to work on. Quality of life, Outposts, world events or whatever the team agrees as the best use of resources for the content side of Shadowbane.


As you may or may not have known, Chimpy has more or less working as the solo developer over the past six months. Today we're excited to share that he has been joined by Claymore, Adamwest, and windows2000! We're also in discussions with several others who we hope to have on board in the upcoming weeks. This influx of technical resources means that we can finally split our focus to multiple projects at once allowing us to work on both short and long-term goals without disrupting having to shift focus every time something breaks. Claymore and Adamwest have all worked on the project in the past while windows2000 is a net new addition to the team. Expanding this team has been our number one priority and we couldn't be more happy with the current state of the development team.
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Upcoming Shadowbane Wipe - 8/24
Posted by SBEAnnouncer on 08-09-18 11:50:11 AM
Hail and well met!

Its been a while since weve given an update on the future of Shadowbane Emulator and we would have several things to share with you today.

As you may or may not have heard, Shadowbane Emulator will be wiped on Friday, August 24th, 2018. Since the last wipe, the development team has put in close to 600 hours resolving bugs and performance issues identified from this last server. These changes also include a ton of bug fixes along with several complete system rewrites.

We are confident that this launch will be a new milestone for stability and performance which will finally allow us to start allocating technical resources to content which weve had on the backburner since taking over the project in late 2017. Im also excited to share that several developers who have worked on SBE in the past have reengaged with us which will finally allow us to work on multiple projects at the same time.
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11/17 Multi-Boxing Banwave
Posted by SBEAnnouncer on 01-17-18 3:18:10 PM

Over the past week we have been monitoring a small number of players who have been bypassing the single-boxing restrictions and actively playing multiple characters at once. Today we have banned several accounts associated with this behavior and will continue doing so in real time as we see this going forward.

If you feel as though you were banned in error please PM Doon in discord.

If you suspect a player is cheating, please PM Doon in discord.

If you owned a city or city assets and were banned for cheating we will not replace these assets.

Players who lost their accounts are able to create new accounts if they wish to play fairly.

Discord link:

See (most of) you ingame!
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